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Registering your copy of Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords

Customers looking to play on the Metaverse will need for first create a character on the Metaverse Manage Characters page.

Alternatively, If you have purchased Galactic Civilizations II from a store, or have a serial number, you may optionally want to register your copy of the game. It is important to register your game so you can get updates, news and information.

If you purchased your copy of Galactic Civilizations II from Stardock or TotalGaming.net you are already registered. However, to get additional updates or Collectors Edition downloads, enter your serial number and click on the button below.

Enter the serial number from the cd jewel case in the form below. Also, if you purchased the Collectors Edition enter the number found on the card in the box to be able to download additional goodies.

Serial Number:
Collectors Edition Serial Number:

*** Important Notice: If you are a European customer that has purchased Paradox Interactive's limited collectors edition and your registration is failing please visit http://www.galciv2.com/paradox/ to fix the problem.

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