Galactic Civilizations II: Serial Number Swap for Paradox(Europe)
Please note that the following message is targeted to customers in Europe that have purchased Paradox Interactive's limited collectors edition of Galactic Civilizations II in English. Markets include the UK, Benelux, Scandinavia and the Paradox web shop.

To fully enjoy your collectors edition of Gal Civ II, you will need two codes. The first code will ensure that you can access all the extra material of the Collectors Edition. The second code will ensure you can access all patches and updates from Stardock. In the first European edition, only the Collectors Edition codes were included and therefore we have arranged a different way for you to obtain your second code for all patches and updates.

If you are in Europe, have the English retail box from Paradox and only have a serial number beginning with "GC2-", then please follow the instructions below:

1. Enter the "GC2-" serial number and your email address in the fields below. We will issue you an additional serial number that can be used on these webpages or with Stardock Central to obtain updates to the game (including new BonusPack content).
2. Be sure to enter a valid email address as your new serial number will be emailed to you. Once you have entered the serial key that came in your box into our system, only the email address that was entered with it will be able to retrieve the correct serial. So be sure you enter your email address correctly.

* Note this page does not send you the updates or create a Stardock.net account for use on the forums. It's just to provide you with the additional serial number you need for updates, as if there was another sticker in your retail box.

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